Southern Fried Chicken

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4-6 eggs whipped
Cornflake crumbs (store bought)
Ground pepper, seasoned salt, paprika, and other seasonings to make seasoned flour

How to make it :

Put chicken pieces into a gallon baggie
Pour buttermilk over the chicken for a marinade, seal the bag getting as much air out as possible and place into the fridge for at least 2 hrs or longer
Remove chicken pieces one at a time and shake off excess buttermilk
Dredge each piece into seasoned flour and shake off excess flour
Dredge each piece into egg batter and shake off excess egg batter
Dredge each piece into cornflake crumbs and shake off excess cornflake crumbs
Lay coated chicken pieces into hot oil in a frying pan (I use cast iron)
Fry chicken 10min each side or 20min total
Drain onto paper towels
Let cool for 10min before eating
DO NOT use bags to shake chicken in flour and cornflakes This isn’t “shake and bake

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